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Monday, December 3, 2012

CBC Day 3 - Popsicle Sled Ornaments

Book #3: Ten on the Sled
by Kim Norman
I like to mix in a few winter stories with my Christmas books, and this one is great fun.  Ten arctic animals pile on a big sled and go for a wild ride down the mountain. One by one, the animals whirl, flip, and slide out until there is only one left at the bottom of the hill.  Then they do it all again!

The illustrations in this book are delightful!  The expressions of the animals are priceless, as they go faster and faster, bumping off one at a time, rolling down the hill after the sled in a big jumble of is sure to get some giggles : )

Our Day 3 Christmas Book Countdown Activity 
Craft Stick & Washi Tape Sled Ornaments

I happen to be smitten with washi tape lately, so I was purposely looking for an activity where I would 
have the excuse to buy some in Christmas colors ; )  It's so addicting!  
Very easy to use, too, even for little ones, and no mess.
I find mine on etsy, and even after this CBC activity, I still have tons leftover for more Christmas crafting!
If you don't have patterned washi tape, no biggie!  You can still make the craft stick sleds
and then decorate them with paint, paper, glitter, stickers -  even markers work on craft sticks.

For this activity you will need:
craft sticks
hot glue gun (or Elmer's white glue, but be prepared to wait for drying time)
washi tapes (or other supplies to decorate with)
yarn, twine, tie the hanger on

If you are doing this activity with little ones, you may want to trim the sticks ahead.
There are four craft sticks that require cuts, but these can be done with a good pair of regular scissors.

Did you get that?  You may want to cut extras, because these sleds are super fun and easy to make!
All your other pieces will be full-size craft sticks except for these four as shown above.
To assemble your sled:
1. Line up three craft sticks with the center one pushed slightly upward.
2. With a line of glue, attach one craft stick across horizontally, about an inch down.
** If using pieces cut ahead, this is the one with 2 angled ends, slanting downward.
3. This is what you have now, and next you'll need the two pieces with one end slanted.
If you haven't cut them ahead of time, do so now like the photo above.
4. Line your slanted pieces up again the three center sticks like the photo.
5.  Use your two half sticks to glue across horizontally, holding the vertical sticks together.
6. You can now trim your first cross piece as shown, if you hadn't cut it ahead.
7. Stack two sticks and glue together down the center.  Repeat (4 sticks total).
These will become your sled runners.
8. Place a bead of glue near the outside edges of your three cross pieces,
and glue the runner down the edge of the sled on the skinny end.
9. Repeat for the other runner and you are done!
More photos, and a short video tutorial, for this sled can be found here.

Now you are ready to decorate!
We used our washi tapes to decorate the fronts of our sleds.
As I mentioned, if you don't have washi tape - no biggie!  Just be creative and have fun decorating
your sleds with whatever arts and craft supplies you have on hand.  There are no rules ; )
After you decorate your sled, just knot a piece of yarn, ribbon or string on both ends
of the first cross piece.  I secured ours with a small dot of hot glue on the back, then trimmed the ends off.
Here are my boys' finished sled ornaments

Little Man loved this so much, he begged to make another.
We wrote their names and the year on the backside with a sharpie marker.
Even Momma made a few!  Boy these were fun!  On one of them, I washi taped the sled runners before I glued them on to the sled.  It turned out really cute!  I can see myself whippin through an entire bag of craft sticks to make a slew of them to attach to neighbor gifts.  They went pretty quickly.  
I ended up using my two on my entry table decor, which I'll be sharing with you soon.

That's it!  Hope you enjoy!
You can see pics of our Christmas Book Countdown activities on instagram,
with the hashtag #CBCatcraftinterrupted.  Feel free to tag and share your own!

And if you are just joining us
here is this year's CBC Book List
and also a Supply List for all the activities


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