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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

CBC Day 4: Christmas Cricket Chirping Sticks

Book #4: Christmas Cricket
by Eve Bunting

Christmas Cricket is a sweet little story about a Cricket who wanders into a house on Christmas.  He finds his way into their tree and shares his Christmas song with the family that lives there.

This story is short and simple with a nice message about finding beauty in everything around you.  We loved the descriptions of the cricket discovering the textures of a house!

Our Day 4 Christmas Book Countdown Activity 
Christmas Cricket Chirping Sticks

I can't take credit for these.  I found them on  But I do take credit for Christmasing them up!  When you rub these sticks together, they make a cricket sound so the kids can sing with the Christmas Cricket too!

You Will Need
Wooden dowel or skewers
wooden beads with centers the size of the dowels
paint in Christmas colors
tacky glue or wood glue

First off, cut your dowels or skewers to about 9 inches each.  You will need two sticks.

Thread your beads onto the dowel.  It doesn't matter how many you use.  Anywhere between 5-15 per stick is fine.  Give them some space between the beads.

Pick some Christmas colors and paint each bead.  Don't worry about painting the stick yet.  Let the beads dry.  Some paint will get on the stick and that is fine.

Once the beads are dry, apply some glue to the end of the stick and slide a bead down.  Add more glue under that bead and slide the next bead against it.  Keep doing this until you have glued all the beads on.  You can put one of two beads on the other end for a handle if you like.

Let the glue dry and you can paint the stick.

If you want your chirping sticks to last a long time, you can add varnish.

Now you can rub your sticks together and sing like the crickets!

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