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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

CBC Day 5 - Wood Ball & Felt Santa Ornaments

Book # 5 - The Longest Christmas List Ever
by Gregg & Evan Spiradellis

This humorous story is about a little boy who is determined to put everything he could ever dream of having on his Christmas list.  His list grows so long it goes out the door and all the way down main street to the post office - which has just closed for Christmas holiday.  A year's worth of work to write his list and he misses the deadline to mail it to Santa.  In the end, he realizes he asked for too much, and is pleasantly surprised by discovering the true meaning of Christmas - love!  This book is a great pic for little boys especially, and the prose is so fun!
Our Day 5 Christmas Book Countdown Activity
Wood Ball & Felt Santa Ornament

Big thanks to Ellen @ The Long Thread for the idea and instructions for this project!
Confession - I realized after the fact, that I should have hunted down a project that had more to do with the theme of love than Santa, to go with this book , but you can't do a Christmas Book Activity Countdown without a Santa craft, so it's still a keeper!  
Simple, very few supplies, and the result is adorable : )

For this activity you will need:
felt - white & red
1 1/2" unfinished wood ball or ball knob (I used 1 1/4" and it still worked fine)
white chenille stem
hot glue gun, or white craft glue

You will also need to print the pattern from The Long Thread for the hat & beard pieces.
Use the pattern to cut out a red cone shape for the hat and white beards.
I did this ahead of time, and made enough for all my boys and myself.
I also trimmed my chenille stem into thirds (or about 2" as suggested in the tutorial)

To assemble your Santa Ornament:
You can follow Ellen's tutorial if you are sewing, or keep reading for how to assemble with glue.
Fold your pipe cleaner piece so that the ends meet up, and twist to create a loop.
We put a dot of hot glue at the top point of our hat piece and folded down about 1/4".
Then another dab of hot glue and lined the pipe cleaner loop right at the top of the hat.
Up to this point, my older boys could do themselves...
...gluing and rolling the sides of the hat together
 required Momma's skilled hands.
We did this instead of sewing - a thin line of hot glue along the inner edge and roll around to meet the ends together.  Press firm for a second with your finger till the glue sets.

My boys did the rest with a little help - 
Put glue around the inner rim of the hat and press onto your wood ball.
Add a dot of hot glue to both upper corners of the beard and attach to the front of your ball.
Draw eyes on with a sharpie, and thread some yarn through the pipe cleaner loop to hang.
That's it!
Junior Man would be furious with me if he knew I was sharing a photo of him in his listening therapy headphones, but alas, such is life in the Craft, Interrupted household.  He was distracted, having fun, 
and getting therapy at the same time ; )
Little Man "Ho, Ho, Ho'd" at his Santa when he finished it : )
And here they are
Such a cuuute design!  Again, you can see the original @ The Long Thread.

You can see pics of our Christmas Book Countdown activities on instagram,
with the hashtag #CBCatcraftinterrupted.  Feel free to tag and share your own!

And if you are just joining us
here is this year's CBC Book List
and also a Supply List for all the activities

ALSO - I started a brand new Pinterest board just for our Christmas Book Countdown.
Easy place to have access to each day's post!  You can find it here


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