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Sunday, December 9, 2012

CBC Day 9 - Bottle Cap Snowman Ornament

Book #9 - The Heart of a Snowman
by Mary Kuryla
illustrated by Eugene Yelchin

In this story, a boy is transported on Christmas Eve to a snowman factory full of curious animal workers and magical machinery.  The boy witnesses the strange process of snowmen being taken apart and cleaned, all in an effort to make them perfect.  In the end, it is the boy who teaches the factory workers what a perfect snowman really requires.  Every snowman starts with a warm heart, full of the love of the child who makes it.  This is why the snowmen melt ~ they have a warm heart at their center!  
The illustrations in this book are fantastic, and while it may come off strange at first, it is a wonderfully bold take on classic Christmas themes.  The core of the story is beautiful, and the telling of it is fresh and modern.  I loved this book!

Our Day 9 Christmas Book Countdown Activity
Bottle Cap Snowman Ornament

This is a cute little ornament made from painted bottle caps that are glued along a ribbon
 to make a snowman shape.  The snowman can then be decorated however you like!  

For this activity you will need:
hot glue gun
bottle caps ~ from the craft aisle or recycled
white acrylic paint and brush
black and orange sharpie markers
ribbon of your choosing
decorative elements of your choosing
and don't forget ~ a heart punch or sticker for your snowman!

I have a lot of ribbon in my craft stash, so I pulled out two sets for my little guys to choose from - 
one blue & frosty, and one traditional Christmas colors
We used the ribbons to back the snowman and also for scarves

To make your bottle cap snowman:
First, paint your bottle caps white.  You don't need to worry about the backside.
I like to use paper party plates for my guys to work on.  Quick and easy way to keep the table clean!
Once the paint is dry, choose a ribbon backer for your snowman.
Get a piece maybe 7 inches long and tie a loop at one end for your hanger.
Then hot glue your three bottle caps along the ribbon with the top one covering the knot.
Trim any excess ribbon that hangs below the bottom cap.
Tip - it's easiest to put the glue on the ribbon, then let your little one press the bottle cap on top where they like.  A lot harder to glue on the cap and try to line it up on the ribbon.
Now you can decorate your snowman!  Be creative with buttons and ribbon scarves.
We used our black sharpie to draw eyes and our orange sharpie to draw a carrot nose.
Remember ~ every snowman needs a heart!  We used a craft punch that I already had.  
Stickers would work, too, or just cut a tiny heart from red paper.

Here are our finished snowman ornaments

So fun!


You can see pics of our Christmas Book Countdown activities on instagram,
with the hashtag #CBCatcraftinterrupted.  Feel free to tag and share your own!

And if you are just joining us
here is this year's CBC Book List
and also a Supply List for all the activities


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