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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Drawer Centerpiece

I just shared my Industrial Candlesticks with you, and now I'm going to show you 
how I used them in a Christmas Centerpiece with an old drawer.

This little wooden box of Christmas goodness makes me so happy:
Canning Jars, Epsom Salts, Candles, Pinecones, Holly Sprigs & Ornaments
What I didn't already have, I got at Dollar Tree for cheap, which makes this even better!

Dollar Tree has cartons of Epsom Salts by the medicines.  
I filled some empty jars from home partway with the salts, and nestled vanilla votive candles inside.  
I used wire cutters to snip apart two holiday sprigs of faux greens and holly (Dollar Tree).
An old cabinet in our basement that was being used for tools and junk had a broken drawer.  I pulled it out to build my centerpiece with, first laying some boxes in the bottom and covering them with scrap fabric.
I placed my jar candles and candlesticks at varying heights on the covered boxes, 
and then started filling in here and there with sprigs of greens and pinecones. 
I made an Ornament Wreath a few years ago with Dollar Tree plastic ornaments.  It didn't hold up well during our move, so I have been pulling those ornaments off to use in my Christmas decor this year.  They made a perfect addition to my centerpiece, with some shine, sparkle and color.

On my table, I used two scrap pieces of fabric in my Red, White & Aqua Christmas color scheme.
Red and white gingham on the bottom, topped with a narrow piece of aqua that I cut in a scallop shape.
So festive and pretty on the table!
And lit up at night, too...
When we baked our Christmas cookies, I moved all of this from the kitchen table to the top 
of a trash rescue trunk in our front room.  It's perfect there and has stayed there since.
I can see it from my work table and it gives me warm fuzzies.

Hope you enjoyed!

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