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Friday, December 28, 2012

Fun Jar Friday #30: New Years Party Hats

This week on Fun Jar Friday ~
New Years Party Hats!

Fun Jar Friday is back! The boys and I had a great time doing the Christmas Book Countdown, but we were missing us some Fun Jar!  So now we are back and I am super excited about this activity.  We have put together some easy, cute, fun hats to ring in the new year with!

What you will need
felt scraps of various colors
hot glue
needle and thread

First off, cut your material.  Place your two felt colors together and cut.  For my 6 year old, I cut a 4"x24" rectangle.  For my 3 year old, I cut a 4"x22" rectangle.  You want your length divisible by two.

With your ruler and sharpie, start one inch in and mark every two inches on the edge.

Move your ruler down about 1-1.5 inches and start at the very edge, marking every two inches.  If you connected the dots, you would have a zig zag.

Next, cut out the triangles you just made with your marks.  

With the two colors still together, cut off one point section of the top color.

Flip material over and cut off one point section of the top color on the opposite end.  One color should hang over on either side now.

Without moving your fabric, glue the pieces together a little at a time.  

Once the two colors are together, bring the ends around so that the overhanging sections overlap each other.  Glue together.

Glue any loose or open ends down and trim any uneven areas.

Test your crown to make sure it fits at this point.  

With the sharpie, draw your year on the third color of felt. 

Cut out the numbers and glue onto the crown.

Finally, stitch the bells onto the ends of the points.  Stitch through about 4-5 times to assure a secure hold.  And you are done!  

You are ready to jingle the night away into the new year!


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