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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

No-Melt Frosty the Snowman Kit

I first saw this idea on Spoonful, when I was researching Christmas Book Countdown activities.
I thought it looked like SO MUCH FUN!  Especially for us here in the south where a good winter snow is few and far between.  I priced quilt batting on my CBC Supply run and nearly choked - organizing this as a surprise project for my Georgia boys fizzled out due to estimated cost of the batting.
But THEN, I found Buffalo Snow Artificial Snow Blankets at JoAnn Fabrics - on sale no less!  
I got three bags and it was still less than half the cost of quilt batting.  
The No-Melt Frosty the Snowman Kit Surprise was back on ; )
This was an absolute blast to put together!  And I'm going to give you the deets!

I used - 
3 bags of snow blanket
1 fat quarter of red & white cotton fabric
2 sheets thick/stiff black felt
1 sheet thick/stiff orange felt
1 sheet regular black felt
1 sheet green felt
odds & ends to decorate - mini poms, buttons, craft foam & ribbon
**You could use any hat, mittens and/or scarf that you have on hand 
instead of making them.  I chose to make them and box it all up like a kit, 
but even so, you could still recycle or thrift the items.

To make Frosty-sized felt mittens
I sketched a mitten shape on paper and used it as a pattern to trace onto my green felt.
I double layered rectangles of felt and sewed right on top of my tracing line.
I cut off extra down to about 1/8" and then zig-zagged the edges.
I decorated the mittens with a knot of ribbon and three mini poms as holly.

To make a fat-quarter Frosty scarf
I cut my fat-quarter piece into four equal strips and sewed three of them end to end.
I folded the long edge over and hemmed at about 1/4" all the way down each side.
I cut each short end into a few snips about 4" deep and ruffled between my hands to fringe up

To make a felt top hat
I cut a large sheet of thick/stiff black felt to the height that I wanted the hat to be.
I rolled this into a cylinder and hot glued the ends together.
I traced a bowl onto another sheet of thick/stiff black felt for the brim, and hot glued the cylinder to that.
I covered the top of the hat with another circle of regular black felt.
I took my remaining strip of fat-quarter fabric, folded it lengthwise into a narrower strip, 
and glued around the base the hat.
I added decorative holly with green craft foam leaves and red button berries,

To make a felt carrot nose & buttons
I cut a pie shape of thick/stiff orange felt, rolled it into a cone and hot glued it.
For buttons, I cut four circles of regular black felt (about the width of two fingers)
For eyes, I cut two more circles of regular black felt (slightly smaller)

Packing Up Frosty as a kit
I had nice sticks in my stash from a Thankful Tree arrangement last year, so I included two 
of these as Frosty's arms, and boxed it all up together.  I made a printable for the top of the box.
If I had thought ahead enough - and been able to put this together away from little spying eyes - it would have been SUPER fun to have it addressed to my boys from Santa, with something about how he wanted them to be able to make a snowman and knew they didn't get snow where they lived.  Snap!  I missed that opportunity.  But maybe whoever is reading this won't and it will be a magical family memory!

I rummaged around our basement to collect three squarish boxes - small, medium, large.  Actually, some of our Christmas decor boxes where a great size for this, and it didn't matter one bit if they were used or needed to be used again after the holidays. 
 So you can use anything you have - you don't have to go buy brand new boxes in the perfect size!
Heck even kitchen garbage bags full of scrunched up newspapers would work for this, 
it would just be harder to get them to stay on top of each other than it is for boxes.
Once I had these we were set, because everything else was already in the boxed up kit.
I'm almost as excited about it typing this as I was on the day I presented it to my boys - HA!  
It was so fun!!

To build your No-Melt 
Frosty the Snowman
Wrap your boxes in the snow blanket material.
Stack them 1, 2, 3 like a snowman.
We stuffed some empty plastic grocery bags in here and there 
to fill it out a bit so it wouldn't look so square.
Then enjoy decorating your snowman!
Wrap the scarf around the neck, put the hat on top...
cut a tiny hole in the snow blanket on each side to poke the stick arms in, and put the mittens on.
The fantastic thing about the felt buttons and eyes is that 
they stick to the snow blanket like a flannel graph.  Remember those things?
It's easy to use straight pins here and there if needed, just be careful with little ones if they want to take it apart and build it again and again that they are mindful to not get poked in the process by pins.
I used one pin to poke through the edge of the carrot nose and into the cardboard of the box.
And we DID build our snowman over and over for the next day.
Now our friendly Frosty is hanging out by the boys' Christmas tree 
that is full of all the ornaments they have made throughout their preschool years and our craft times.
I caught a photo of Little Man giving Frosty a hug and smooch : )

I'm so glad I ended up doing this surprise with my boys afterall!
And we will be able to do it again next year!

I'm sharing my No-Melt Frosty Kit Printable with you
I printed this as an 8x10 on regular printer paper, and taped it to the top of the box.  So fun!!

If you use this idea to create some memories with your Littles, I would L-O-V-E to hear all about it!
I'd love even more to see a pic ; )

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