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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Spray Painted Dollar Tree Christmas Village

Here's an inexpensive Christmas project for you...

Dollar Tree has little ceramic Christmas village pieces - houses, churches, vintage stores...
they also have packs of bottle brush trees and little figurines to help you set up a scene.
I know from experience that these items sell out quickly, so when I saw them already on the shelves at Halloween time, I snatched up four houses and a few packs of snowy trees.

At the time, I was supply shopping for a spray paint experiment on some ceramic pumpkins (also from Dollar Tree), and I thought OH!  How brilliant would this be on these Christmas Village houses for December?!  I was going for faux mercury glass...but it came out more as faux metal.  

Anyhoo - I had these village houses and I had leftover paint, so I went for it again.

Here is the before:

I gave these two light coats of Krylon Looking Glass Spray.
This stuff is potent, so I advise spraying it outdoors.
And once again, at first glance, with the paint still wet and shiny, it looks like it might be golden...

But then it dries flat and looks more like pewter.  Faux Mercury requires clear glass.  
That is my final conclusion after attempt number two.  
So I tried coating them with clear gloss sealant spray.

And because I like sparkly things at Christmas time, I gave them a blast of diamond dust.
This pretty much cancelled out the gloss coat, but it wasn't as shiny as I hoped anyway.
By this point I'm just grabbing whatever is in my stash and spraying away ; )

And here is the after:
Cute little silvery village pieces, with a touch of sparkle.

I think gloss metallic silver paint would give you pretty much the same result, 
and would be much cheaper than Looking Glass Spray (that stuff is pricey).  
I'm itching like crazy to go buy different paint and redo them.  I do like the result, 
but it wasn't what I was going for.  Faux Mercury kicks my butt once again.
Shiny aqua Christmas Village pieces would fit beautifully in the vision I have of my Christmas mantel ; )

Still, I do like them.  I think I will add a piece or two each year and work up a nice little village spread!


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