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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Coming up this month...

Hello friends!  I'm just posting a quick one on 
what's coming up this month...
Tiffany and I are putting together lots of good stuff for October.
It's going to be a busy one!

Here's a sneak peek at what's ahead...
Week 1 ~ Pumpkins
recipes, craft tutorials, and pumpkin decor inspirations

Week 2 ~ Homemade Costumes
2011 recap, new costume tutorials, and homemade costume inspirations

Week 3 ~ Halloween Parties
favors, decor, and party inspirations

Week 4 ~ Treats
recipes and treat inspirations galore & a giveaway!

Lots of festive goodness coming your way,
Hope you'll join us!

Friday, September 28, 2012

5 for Friday ~ Fall Burlap Projects

~ Fall Burlap Projects ~
Hello friends!  I'm so enjoying the 5 for Friday series, are you?  I love deciding on a relevant theme each week, and hunting down my five favorites to share with you : )  What a great way to showcase some of the crafting talent that is out there!  This week, I had burlap on the brain.  The color and texture just seem perfect for this time of year, and there is so much you can do with it!  Check these out...

1) Burlap Fall Wreath
@ Becoming Martha
This wreath is beautifully understated.  I love the bubble effect of the burlap, and the patterned monogram with a few sprays of fall leaves and berries is perfect.  I think this wreath could easily transition into the winter season by swapping out the embellishments for a little dark green and red, pinecones, a glass ball ornament...or it would be equally lovely with white and light blue, a fake snowball, some glittery snowflakes.  Hmmm....I need some burlap ; )  Visit Becoming Martha for a tutorial!

2) Burlap Pumpkins
@ The Bungalow Blog
I first saw the natural burlap pumpkin and loved its whimsical shape, and then when I saw the aqua version, I knew it was a must for this week's 5 for Friday list.  Creative takes on traditional color schemes are always fun!  I worked aqua into my own fall decor this year and am loving it!  I'm starting to believe you can't go wrong with aqua!  You can click through to find the tutorial for the original burlap pumpkin from Debra - can you believe it's just a bunch of empty plastic bags just wrapped and tied?  No sewing!

3) Burlap Harvest Banner
First off, this banner jumped out at me because it says "harvest." A cozy variation for fall banners, and sometimes it's nice to do it a lil' different ; )  Second, the pom pom trim totally makes it!  And the handful of silk leaves tucked in?  I adore this banner.  Simple, yet so charming, and looks like a fun project.  The letters are just traced and filled in with a good ol' sharpie and then sealed with mod podge for durability.  Great job on this Adri!

4) Burlap-Wrapped Candle Centerpiece
I'm lovin' these burlap wrapped candles!  There's a great trick in here for how to cut burlap in a straight line, too.  These candles are set into a tray to make a centerpiece, surrounded by fall items like pinecones, large decorative acorns, and twig spheres.  So pretty!  And again, this would make a great transition into the winter season, too.  Inexpensive and fantastic way to dress up some candles, even if they stand alone!

5) Framed Burlap & Leaves
@ Dream Home
These would be such a quick and easy project, and look how lovely they are!
A beautiful addition to an entry table, or seasonal swap-out for a gallery wall.

Good stuff, huh?
I need to stock up on burlap!

Don't forget to check out Tiffany's Fun Jar Friday Post this week

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Fun Jar Friday #21: Spider Web Window Clings

Today's Fun Jar Friday ~
Spider Web Window Clings

This is a really fun, easy activity for your kids to do.  
There's no need to stop at spider webs either.  
You can make whatever window clings you want!  FamilyFun made them with Snowflakes!

What you will need
wax paper
3D fabric paint or "puffy" paint
plastic spiders

To start off, tape a piece of wax paper up to the window and draw your spider web where you want it to go.  You can do the drawing for younger kids, but older ones can do it themselves.

Once you have your drawing, take it down and tape it down to a table or placemat.  
Using the puffy paint, trace along the pencil lines.  Keep it pretty thick.

Fill in any thin areas or gaps.  Allow it to dry for 4-6 hours.  I let it dry over night to be safe.  Once it is dry, carefully peel it off the wax paper.  Now you can place it on the window.  *The top side of the paint goes against the window.  It's the "sticky" side.  

To add a spider, take a plastic spider (either buy them or use an old spider ring an cut the ring off) 
and hot glue it to the window (don't worry, it pops right off clean).  

And there you have if!  Quick, easy, fun Halloween decorations!  
We made glittery silver ones and glow in the dark ones!

Now we want to make all sorts or window clings!

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Up and at 'Em Morning Schedule... For Girls!

Having only boys, it's not every day I get to do something girly.  Which is depressing since before kids I was pretty much tagged as being overly girly.  So when Jaimee kindly informed me that my morning schedule chart was looking a little masculine (which it was) instead of neutral like I was going for, I was super excited to do a girly version!  So, thank Jaimee for being an awesome friend who's keeping me artistically in line cause now you have a girl version!

Up and at 'Em!  Morning Schedule

And if you are just joining us and are interested in the boy version, just go here.

Up and at 'Em! Checklist

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Currently {v.14}

achieving, building, collecting, dealing with, and enjoying
Jaimee is...

CURRENTLY achieving... the swapping of seasonal clothing for my boys.  This was a feat and a half, let me tell you.  Remember when our pet snake escaped?  The one I was ripping backings off of box springs looking for, with a flashlight in my mouth, while my Hubs was at urgent care for a raging ear infection?  An hour before we had a house full of company for dinner??  Well, during all that, the contents of my boys' closets was speedily rummaged through in the hectic reptile hunt.  Boxes and bags of clothing that was folded and organized by size and season pretty much got dumped all together, and then stuffed into one closet just in time for the doorbell to ring.  It had to be dealt with, and now that it's cold enough for pants and long sleeves here (at least in the morning), I could not put it off any longer.  I spent 5+ hours on Sunday tackling The Great Closet Sort of 2012.  And I achieved organizational greatness. As seen via Instagram ; )
CURRENTLY building... a list of Christmas storybooks in prep for another year of Christmas Book Countdown.  The first time, I worked through forty pages of the library's selections for Christmas...and when I went back to pick up where I left off, the list was gone.  So THAT time, I worked through sixty pages of the library's Christmas books, thinking I'd just come back and pick my requests...and it didn't save it that time either.  What?!?  Yesterday I said screw the list and just pulled a bunch off the shelf to bring home and review.  I'm picky - so I search favorites lists online, read reviews on amazon, and then IF our library has them, I read them in person before I decide which ones make the list.  It's quite a process ; )
CURRENTLY collecting... empty tin cans of various sizes.  Middle Man's birthday is in November, and as far as I know the party will be Angry Birds.  Hopefully he doesn't flop around on what he wants his party to be, because I will be starting my planning soon!  I saw a fun tutorial for making an Angry Birds game with tin cans that were painted green with the piggy faces drawn on them.  So, I'm hoarding cans.

CURRENTLY dealing with... how to manage the combination of preschool pick-up, early release at the elementary school, and back-to-back teacher conferences...pretty much all happening at the same time...but not in the same place...and with three kids in tow, who will have to hang around waiting for grown-ups for at least an hour and a half.  Still haven't figured that one out yet.

CURRENTLY enjoying... cooler weather here in the South.  Finally!  I broke out the tall boots the other day and was in heaven : )


Tiffany is...

CURRENTLY achieving... proud mom status.  This week, my oldest was awarded Principal's Pride at his school for excellence in class.  There is a poosibility that I might have been the proudest mom there.  I've mentioned before that Jaimee and I met because of our special needs kids.  Well, two years ago my boy had some trouble in school.  So much so that he was asked to leave and I had to put him in a specialized school.  Fast forward two years and he is in the gifted class of a mainstream elementary school.  And he is now being awarded a special award stating that he is an excellent student who loves to learn and is friendly and kind to his classmates with a great attitude.  That makes me "one super duper awesomely happy with a cherry on top" proud mommy!

CURRENTLY building... a relationship with other room moms. This year, because I couldn't volunteer as much as I did last year, I decided to be a room mom for my son's class to help with parties.  This year, it is me and 3 other moms.  I didn't realize what all went with being a room mom, but I am quickly realizing that it is more than just working together to have great parties for the kids.  Unfortunately, I was on vacation when they had the meeting discussing the year ahead and really getting to know each other.  So, that means I ended up with the short straw and haven't yet been accepted into the "room mom" status group.  No biggie.  I am always up for a challenge!

CURRENTLY collecting... pieces of costume paraphernalia.  I've made my kids' costumes every year with the exception of my oldest's first costume.  My grandma always made me my costume growing up and I loved it so I am keeping with the tradition.  This year my little guy is going to be Peter Pan and my oldest has decided to be the Human Torch.  I actually had to look up who the Human Torch was.  Apparently, he's a Fantastic 4 character who ignites himself on fire.  This will be interesting.

CURRENTLY dealing with... dental work.  I can't stand it.  Really can't.  I would rather clean a rest stop bathroom, file my income taxes, followed by a trip to the gynecologist then go to the dentist.  I have the worst luck with teeth.  Every since I was a kid a heard for the first time "she needs 7 fillings" have I known that my teeth were genetically screwed.  My husband is blessed with flawless teeth.  He never flosses and brushes only once a day and never has to have dental work.  I, on the other hand, floss daily, and brush twice a day and nine times out of ten I leave the dentist having to get a filling, crown or root canal.  So when I finally got up the guts to go to the dentist this year, I was not surprised when he told me this long list of dental work I need done.  However, because I do not have dental coverage, the $$ tacked onto the work made me hyperventilate a bit.   So, I get to spend the next couple of weeks paying people to cause me intense pain while I drool with my mouth pried open and the dentists laugh about what fun they had that weekend.  

CURRENTLY enjoying... the fall weather.  Living in Florida for 8 years really made me appreciate the fall.  And now that I live in Utah, I love every bit each season has to offer me.  The temperature dropped this week and I pulled out my first sweater of the year!  I get so excited each year to pull out that first sweater.  It's like a warm blanket hugging me all day while I sip warm tea.  The trees on the mountains are starting to change and the crispness of the air along with the smell of leaves makes everything feel new and fresh to me.  The beginning of a season of comfort and holidays and good times with family.

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