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Friday, January 18, 2013

Fun Jar Friday #33: Snowy Treasure Hunt

This Week On Fun Jar Friday~
Snowy Treasure Hunt

You may remember the Superhero Scavenger Hunt I did in the summer which was an idea I got from I am Mama-Hear Me Roar.  This is a winter version of that which was also inspired by an atreasure hunt I saw on  Although this is called "snowy" you don't have to have snow or even cold weather to do it.  It just helps for the "digging."

My youngest is a big Jake and the Neverland Pirates fan so I decided to use some of his little "friends to help me with this activity.  I found his Jake toys and wrote clues for each of the places Captain Hook and Smee were holding them captive!  I put each clue in a ziplock bag to keep them water proof.

For the first clue, I set up Captain Hook and Smee to guard the clue.  
"Yo Ho! Yo Ho! a Pirates Life For Me! We've stolen the treasure and pirate-napped your friends but please stay out of the tree!"

Obviously this clue led us to the tree. Luckily, we have a few trees in our yard so it took some looking. In the tree I placed our faithful Jake!  

note: when doing treasure hunts in the snow, it is important to hide your steps.  Either choose a path that stays out of the snow or walk all over the snow so older kids can't follow your path.

 "Argh you landlubbers! You may have found Jake but Izzy's life is still at stake!  Go up and down and then once more, but stay off the bouncy floor!"

This took a little thought but they figured out that the next stop was the trampoline.  

Our little trampoline was buried in snow (We are still deciding whether we should take it inside for the winter.  We'll probably decide in the spring) which made it a great place to bury Izzy!  I buried her and the clue and smoothed the snow over it.  The kids got to dig around to find it.

"Blasted all! Izzy may be free but what about your friend Cubby!  He's "pulling" our legs and "rocking" the boat.  So we're "pushing" him over, I hope he can float!"

This one was brought them to our wagon full of rocks.  A great place to bury another friend in snow!

"Cubby may be here to stay but Scully is about to see his last day! He'll greet you at the "door" which gives him "top" rank.  But hurry because he's about to walk the plank!"

I snuck Scully in a spot at the top of the front door.  A little precarious, and it fell when they opened the door, but they got the point.

"You may have saved your friends but the treasure is still mine!  You won't find my trail and that is just fine.  Because jewels lead the way if you can find where they're caught!  Pay attention because X marks the spot!"

This was the fun part.  FIrst off, earlier in the day I put one drop of food coloring in each spot on in an ice tray and filled each with water.  I put it in the freezer to make colored ice cubes.  These were my jewels for the kids to follow.

I made a trail by tossing the in the snow.  I used a broom to cover the mostly with just a little color showing.  Then the kids got to follow the jewels, unburying them as they went.

Finally, they reached the "X" which I made using two sticks so it wasn't too obvious.

Under the snow, I had buried a lunchbox.  I covered it up really well in a large pile of snow made by daily driveway shoveling.  I made sure it was nice and smooth.

Once the kids fond their buried treasure they got to open it!  It was full of frozen jewels, gold dubloons, and chocolate chip cookies!

This was great fun to do on a winter day!  My kids had a blast!  I hope you enjoy it too!

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