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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine Sing like a {Love} Bird Mantel

Today I'm sharing my Valentine Mantel
In case you missed it, the board, frame, and banner resulted from our 
New Year's Eve Family Motto Activity and became the centerpiece 
for my Winter Mantel.  I plan to keep it up for all of 2013.
Therefore..."Sing like a Bird" has become "Sing like a {love} Bird" for Valentine's Day!

I used mini clothespins to clip a few felt hearts onto my family motto banner.
I made a felt heart garland from aqua, light pink & red sparkle felt, hot glued onto baker's twine.

I put out my Waterless Valentine Globes and Rosette Ball with a faux silver platter (from Dollar Tree).  Yes, the one globe is on a tuna can.  I rummaged my house for three days trying this and that to raise the height of that *just so* and it ended up being the tuna can that did it, 
with the addition of ribbon at least ; )

The other end has my globe, a white ceramic gravy boat 
(tuna cans and gravy boats, this is sounding fabulous), and a faux berry heart. 

My favorite part is the antique mirror, Willow Tree figure, and jumbo red cafe cup with love.
I made the word "love" from two pipe cleaners twisted at one end and wrapped completely in yarn.  Then I shaped it into script, hot glued a few spots to secure the shape, and then hot glued it to a washi-wrapped bamboo skewer.  The cup has a round piece of foam inside and I just poked the skewer in.

I left the white icicle lights up from the winter mantel, so those hang across the front of the fireplace.


I'm enjoying the colors
white, cream, black, red, pink, aqua
and the textures
wood, glass, book page, chalkboard, mirror, silver, ceramic, paper, lace, yarn...

I made a bunch of yarn poms for a garland, but believe it or not, they just didn't "fit."
So I'm making them into something else and will share that with you soon : )

Sharing @ The LOVE-IT Challenge


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