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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Currently {v.32}

Use the weekly themes or use your own - just share what you're "currently" up to! 
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This week's themes:
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Jaimee is...

CURRENTLY visiting... with the neighbors, as the posse in our cul de sac rides bikes and scooters together after school.  So nice to see the sun coming back so we can get some fresh air!  Living in a cul de sac is awesome - it's like having your own personal racetrack at the ready.  Round and round they go, chasing and giggling, and I get to see and chat with another grown-up for a spell.  Win-win.

CURRENTLY working... OUT.  With Jillian Michaels.  Yep.  I finally kicked myself in the duff and joined up with Jen from Four Mars and One Venus.  Love that girl!  She has motivated a whole facebook page of women to get their shred on, together.  It's not too late if YOU want in - just visit Jen on facebook and tell her you're ready to shred!  She'll send you the invite to the shred group.

CURRENTLY creating... I dare admit this?  Nothing.  Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.  Been a dry spell here folks, a result of the funk that has been dragging me down.  That's one of the reasons I started working out - to kick that crap to the curb so I can find my focus and motivation again.  

CURRENTLY loving... these super CUTE little Star Wars peeps that I found on etsy.  They kill me!  I bought the graphic files to start working on Little Man's upcoming birthday party.  He is o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with Star Wars.  I could have gone with the old school movie, or with the new school cartoon clone wars...or with Lego star wars, but I lucked out in that I convinced him to use these A-dorable little images instead.  So fun!

CURRENTLY missing... my creative mojo.  My routine.  My productivity.  I've been trudging through knee-deep mud here, trying to get out of this funk.  Good grief.  It may be corny to say this, but, I miss....ME!

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Tiffany is...

CURRENTLY visiting... no one.  though I really want to.  I'm dying to see my sister again.  It's been too long.  And I want to see my home, Oregon again.  It may be rainy and dreary, but it will always be home. 

CURRENTLY working... on getting myself more prepared.  I am tired of doing things last minute (keep in mind I am writing these at 11:00 Wednesday night) so I am trying to get things prepared a month early. That may require me to actually trick myself into thinking it really is the month I am preparing for because I tend to work a lot harder with a tight deadline.  But it stresses me out and if I am to cleanse myself of this kind of stuff, I need to think ahead.

CURRENTLY creating... a type of fun jar for my husband.  He's been feeling neglected lately and rightly so, so I have been collecting nice things to do for him to remind him that even though we have kids, he is still my one and only. 

CURRENTLY loving... this new FREE app I heard about.  It is super cute.  It's called Couple available for iPhone and droid.  It logs you and your significant other into a private program.  It's password protected so you can write messages without little eyes seeing.  you can also make lists (like groceries) that can be viewed by both of you and if you are terrible at directions like I am, you can so him your location on the map and he can tell you where you need to go.  And my favorite, you can do a thumbprint kiss.  You press your thumb against the screen and keep it there until he does the same.  The phone indicates when you have kissed him back!  How cute is that especially for husbands that have to travel a lot (hint, hint, Jaimee!) 

CURRENTLY missing... my motivation.  Here's the thing about me. I work hard and I work nonstop.  I am not tooting my own horn here.  The thing is, I know that when I finally get around to stopping, it's very hard for me to start again.  This happened on Monday.  Instead of doing my chore list, job list, craft list, and all the other lists I have, I decided to take a day off.  It was time.  So I read some of my book, got caught up on TV, and spent a good portion of the day creating all the Duplo sets we own with my 3 year old.  It was wonderful.  Just what I needed.  But come Tuesday I couldn't get myself to do anything.  I went to my list and slowly fuddled my way through it.  I got distracted and preoccupied and never actually finished anything on it.  And that's kind of the slump I've been in all week.  So I am trying to focus more on March, but it's not getting much of February done!  Curse laziness and it's addictive qualities!



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