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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Knighted Valentine's

I love making valentines.  There was a time in my life that Valentine's Day was stressful for me.  I remember as a kid picking out the perfect box of valentine cards.  I would sit down, tear apart all the little cards and read each one.  There was always the gushy one, the neutral one, the card I didn't like, and the best friend one.  Then I would sort the cards between the kids in my class, making sure each child got the perfect card.  Nothing to gushy for the boys, I didn't want them to think I liked them.  My favorite card to my BFFs, and then which one to give the kids I didn't like as well but didn't want to hurt their feelings.  Picking the perfect Valentine for each child kept me sorting through those Valentines for hours.  Switching, organizing, rotating, switching again.  This shouldn't have been so stressful, but then there was always the post Valentine read fest.  When the girls would get together and talk about what Valentine's they got from whom.  And the interpretations they made from those.  

Valentine's seemed to be the source of a lot of hurt feelings. Creating a social hierarchy at very young ages.  So, when I had kids that were old enough for school, I decided I would help make Valentines Day fun for everyone.  I wanted to help my child give cool valentines that would be appreciated and remembered.  There are tons of ideas on Pinterest.  But what caught my eye the most was the peggie ones.  Since I'm in love with peggies of course and my kids love them too!  

So I sit my kid down and we discuss what valentines he wants to make.  Last year we made spiderman peggies.  This year, we made knights!

Peggies are easy to come by.  Hobby Lobby has them for $3 for a pack of 8.  But if you want to get them really cheap, has them for a quarter or less a peggie!  I used the boy size since it was what I had on hand which is even cheaper.  So you can get them for an entire class for super cheap!  

To paint, start by painting the head the skin color.  Then the body the clothing color. You'll  need to paint two coats for each.

Then, with a pencil or paint brush, outline the helmet.  You'll need an opening in front for the face and a curved line on the front and back for the bottom of the helmet.  Fill it in with paint.

Next, the details.  For the face plate, paint along the top of the face opening.  Then paint the top of the face plate at a point.  Fill it in.  Paint a line of whatever color you choose around the knight near the bottom.  This is the belt.  Then paint a heart on his chest for the emblem.  

With a sharpie, add eyes and vent holes for the face plate.  Put a coat of varnish on your peggie to keep him scratch free!  Cut out the tags.  Punch two holes in the tag and use a string or ribbon to tie the knight to the tag. Make sure your child signs the back so they know who it's from!


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