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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pokemon Party: Games Part 2 (with printables)

Okay, now for the final two activities of the party!  We took these downstairs in the basement because they required a little more room!

Step 3: Teach Your Pokemon Moves

This one was very last minute.  I knew I wanted to do some sort of obstacle course involving Pokemon moves, but I didn't really decide everything until about an hour before the party.
Hence the undecorated activities.

I made stations around the room.  Earlier, I had decided what moves we were going to learn.  I looked through my son's Pokemon Bible to find moves that would translate into a kid friendly task.  I was also very short on space.  My basement playroom is good sized, but when you put 12 kids in it, it gets very small.  So my tasks had to take up a small area.

These were the moves
Focus Punch
Rock Throw
Steam Roller

Jaimee put together some signs to hang up at each station.  I separated the kids into small groups for each station and had them rotate through until they had done them all because I was getting short on time.  There was so much more I wanted to do with this activity but it did what it needed to do.


For this station, I placed a bouncy ball and had them bounce on it from one side of the room to another. I really wanted them to do summersaults,  but my husband informed me that with that many kids in the room, summersaults might pose a hazard.  A balance beam of some sort would have been a good idea as well but I couldn't think of what to use for one at the last minute.


For this activity, I blew up a bunch of ziplock bags and told the kids to pop one with their foot.  With more time, I would have had them do 2 or 3.

Focus Punch

This was probably might least effective one.  I placed several balloons around and had them punch the balloons into the toy box.  If I were to do this again, I would have them start at an area a ways from the toy box.  As it was, they ended up getting real close to the toy box and volley ball punching it into the box.  So it wasn't much of a challenge.  But again, we were short on time so it was okay.

Rock Throw

I had a circus party when my youngest turned two so I ended up bringing out the bean bag toss for this one.  I wanted to decorate it more Pokemon-like, but it didn't happen.  Other ideas are to have them throw something into a bucket or small container.

Steam Roller

For the last task, I used a cardboard box on a raised incline.  At the end I placed a small bowl and had them roll the ball down the incline into the bowl.  This was harder than it looks!  You have to be careful not to make the incline to thin or too thick or it's even more of a challenge.

Step 4: Test Your Pokemon in Battle

For this activity, I wanted them to somehow use their moves in a battle.  Enter the Pinata! I could have had them just beat the pinata, but again we had a small area and it wasn't really incorporating the moves.  So I came up with my own type of pinata.  A pull string one that had you preform a move before you pulled the string.  Then when you pulled it, it was a test to see if that move defeated the enemy.

So first I had to decide what pinata to use.  The only ones available were Pikachu and a Pokeball.  It didn't make much sense to have them fighting either of those.  I decided Meowth was the best character for the job.  But that meant I had to make my own pinata.

This turned out to be so much easier, cheaper and better than I could have imagined!  I don't think I'll ever buy a pinata again.  This one cost me all of $2.  Two packs of tissue paper was the only thing I purchased.

Here's what you need
large cardboard box
box cutter
duct tape
tissue paper or crepe paper in white, yellow and black
elmer's glue
twine or string
hole punch
clear tape
glue gun

So first off, cut the cardboard box into pieces.  Basically, separate the sides so that you have four large flat pieces and the top and bottom pieces. I drew the shape of a cat onto one of the large flat side pieces.  I provided you with a template.  Just tape the pieces together and trace onto the cardboard.  I find a sharpie works best.

Then I placed the piece that was on the opposite side of the box underneath the cat drawing and cut both out together.  I had to sit on the pieces while I cut to make sure they stayed together but this allowed the pieces to be the exact same.

Now you have two cat pieces.  Cut the rest of the box pieces in strips 4 inches wide.  

Now we get to build our body.  Meowth is very curvy, so put lots of folds along your cardboard strips to allow for a smooth curve.  

Duct tape the strip along the outside of the body.  I used packing tape at first but decided duct tape would be a more secure hold.

When you reach the end of a strip.  Place a new strip at the end and tape them together at all meeting points.  

Continue on until there are strips around the entire body.

Place a small piece of cardboard on the top of the pinata on the inside.  This is to give the twine more security so it won't rip through after you fill the pinata.  Use a phillips screwdriver to poke two holes in the top.  String your twine through the holes.  You want to do this before you put the body on or it will be much more difficult.

Now you are ready to close up the pinata body.  Place the other body piece on the top and tape it on.  You might want to line the entire pinata one more time with tape for extra security.

Your Meowth body is done!  Now you need to color it!

You can use either crepe paper or tissue paper for this part.  Crepe paper is quicker, but tissue paper works just as well.  If you doing a lot of colors on your pinata, it might be helpful to draw where the colors stop on your pinata.  Our pinata is mostly one color except for the ears, so I didn't mark it.

Meowth is cream colored, but I couldn't find either crepe paper or tissue paper in cream so I got creative.  I ended up layering white on yellow to make a cream color.  It actually worked quite well!

So here is what you do.   If you are using crepe paper, cut a long strip. If you are layering, place the white on top of the yellow.  Fold it up a few times gently and then cut slits half way into the paper.  Cut several along the paper. 

For tissue paper, if you are layering colors, unfold the two papers and place white on yellow.  Fold the paper back up.  If you aren't layering, keep the paper folded.  Cut the folded paper into two inch strips.  Cut slits half way up all along the strip.

Starting at the bottom front of the pinata.  Elmer's is the fastest and easiest for this. I usually don't like using elmer's because it's messy, but I highly suggest it here.  Make a line about an inch up and place the yellow strip.

Make a line on top of the yellow and place the white directly on it.  If you aren't layering, you may or may not want to use two layers.  It depends on how thin it looks.

Trim your paper to the shape of the body.

Make another line of glue about an inch up and place the next strips of paper so that it overlaps the bottom strip half way.

Continue up the pinata in this fashion until you reach the ears. 

Once you reach the ears, keep going up the pinata only trim the paper to the ears so that when you are done, you have the entire front covered except the ears.

To do the ears, do the same strip cutting process but this time with black.  Place the strips at an angle starting at the bottom of the ear and work your way up.

Do the same exact thing with the back side.

Now you need to cover the sides.  I divided the sides into two parts.  One part being the bottom and right side.  The other part was the top and left side.  

Start on the bottom and face it toward you so that the right side is on the top.  Use the same exact gluing method and go up the bottom and continue up the right side.  Go right over the top of the flap.  When you reach the ears, simply change colors.

Then flip the pinata so that the left side is facing you and the top is at the top.  Continue covering the left side all the way up the top, working around the twine.  And your pinata is covered!

Now to give Meowth a face!  I made up some printables for you.  Just print them out on card stock and cut them out on the outside of the black line.  

Hot glue the face pieces and tail piece onto the pinata.  For the arms and legs, fold at the flap and use clear tape to stick them on.  You may need to use several pieces.

See how cute he is!

Now you want to make a flap for your pinata.  I did this way early in the game but I should have done it now.  On the bottom, cut a large flap.  mine was about 5x3 inches.  You want to be able to fill the pinata, but you don't want it falling open because of the weight on the candy.  You also don't want to cut all the way to the edge.

If you want a beat em up pinata.  Then fill the pinanta and tape it tightly closed. You are done.  But if you move ahead I will tell you how to make it and any pinata into a pull string pinata.

All you have to do is poke several holes into the flap.  I wanted to make sure the winning string wasn't pulled right away, so I made 30 holes for 12 kids.  

After you do that, push one ribbon into one of the middle holes and tie a knot so that it can't be pulled through.

Then push more ribbons into the rest of the holes but don't tie any knots.  That;s all there is to it.  Once you have filled your pinata, close the flap and tape it down with clear tape.  When the child pulls a string that isn't tied, it slides right out.  If they pull the tied string, they will yank it to get it out and open the pinata!  Candy falls out of the hole!

But the pinata isn't done yet.  Remember I wanted to incorporate the moves into it?  Well, I simply printed off the words several times and cut them into strips.  I punched a hole with a hole punch and tied them to the end of the strings.  Now the kids could pick a string, perform the move on the string and give it a pull to see if it was the winning move!  

And there you go!  All the games we played at the party!  Coming up we have the food for you!

Want to see the whole party?

And of course I have lots of printables for you to enjoy!



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