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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Secret Message Valentines

I did this activity last year with my son's class.  It worked out really well so I thought I would share the printable with you.  The kids really enjoyed it and it was a lot of fun hearing who they would give their secret message to.  Some choose friends in class, brothers or sisters, and some even made Valentines for elderly relatives in the hospital.  Every valentine was unique.

What you need to supply the class
5x7 envelopes
4.75x6 pieces of decorated paper
Valentine printables
scratch off heart sticker (I'll explain how to make these in a bit)
heart punch outs

What you will need from the classroom

To prepare for the party, cut out your scrapbook paper and your printables at about 4.25x5.5.  Punch out your hearts and prepare your scratch off stickers.

To make the scratch offs you will need
clear contact paper
paint (thicker the better)
dish soap

Place the contact paper on the valentine, paper side up.  Trace the inside of the smaller heart.  A bit more difficult if there is a lot of stuff on it like mine, but you can still see it.

Mix together 2 parts paint and 1 part dish soap.

On the shiny side of your contact paper, paint the entire area, covering the hearts you traced.  Let dry.  You may need to do multiple coats depending on the thickness and quality of your paint.  But you don't want anything to show through.

Cut out the hearts.  Do not peel the paper off.  They are now ready to take to class.

For the kids

Have the kids each pick out a valentine color, a paper color, and a heart punch color.  Give them a penny and a scratch off heart. If the kids are younger, hold off on the scratch off heart.  They get a little excited and things get scratched off early.

Have the children decide who they want to give their Valentine too and draw their secret message or picture inside the small heart.  Remind them that anything drawn outside the small circle will not be covered and will not be part of the secret.  They can also write their name at the bottom.

After the secret message is done, they can glue the valentine onto the border paper.

Then you can help them peel the back off the heart scratch off (this can be difficult) and place it directly on top of the heart.  

After that, put the Valentine in the envelope.  Be sure to tell them to write the name of who the Valentine is to on the envelope.  

On the back, lick the envelope closed and place the heart punch on the point.  Put the penny on the heart and a piece of tape right across the whole thing so it stays put and they have a penny to scratch off their Valentine!

And with that your activity is done!  Easy and fun for all ages!

And here is your printable!


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