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Friday, March 1, 2013

Fun Jar Friday #38 - Nesting Eggs

This Week on Fun Jar Friday~
Nesting Eggs

I am excited to share with you an fun and easy activity to do with your kids.  Not only will your kids love it, but you will too!  I first came upon this idea last year when Jaimee posted her terrific post on what to do with leftover plastic Easter Eggs.  Reston Mom did a great version of these nesting eggs and I fell in love instantly!

So here we go!  All you need is 3 different sizes of easter eggs (I found all three sizes at hobby lobby for less than a dollar each) a small bouncy ball that fits inside your smallest egg and some paint markers or other paints.  You can also use anything else you might want to decorate your eggs.

And then you start decorating!  Your kids can make their eggs into whatever they want!  Also, you can glue googly eyes or puff balls or whatever else your kids want to ad to their eggs!  
The ideas are limitless!

Once dry, you have a perfect little set of nesting dolls that your kids can enjoy over and over again.  They can even mix and match making even more creations!

Aren't they fun!

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