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Friday, March 29, 2013

Fun Jar Friday #42: Find the Bunny

This week on Fun Jar Friday~
Find the Bunny

Okay, I am super excited to share this fun jar activity with you.  Not only was it completely free, my kids absolutely loved it!  The neighbor kids even got in on the action!  And other kids were watching us with eager eyes.  It's a winner!

First off, have you seen this post yet at Studio DIY?  This was the amazing idea that inspired me.  I mean, how cute is that?  Basically, I took this idea and made a game of it.  And now my head is bursting with more ideas based off this.

So, the idea of the game is that we have eggs hanging from the tree.  One or two of these eggs has a bunny in it.  The kids take turns pulling strings to POP the eggs and find the bunny!

All you need is a few things around the house.  Plastic eggs (ones with holes on both ends are preferable), string, and any small bunny you might have (chicks, sheep, lambs, carrots work as well)

Poke the string through one of the holes and tie a knot on the end inside the egg.  Tweezers help to pull the string through but also threading a large needle with the string helps too.  The string should be a couple feet long.

Repeat with other side of the egg.  

Now you have a egg popper!  Make as many as you want.  The more you make, the longer the game takes.  I made 18 and hid 2 bunnies.  Take it to a tree and tie the eggs around the branches.  

Hide your bunny/bunnies in the eggs and now the kids get to take turns pulling the strings and looking for the eggs.  Fun, right?

When the game is done, you can close all the eggs up and hide the bunnies again!  

We decided to do ours at our neighborhood park and found some friends there.  They joined in the fun too.  Including Spiderman in Elmo pjs!

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