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Friday, March 29, 2013

Vintage Whimsy Easter Mantel

Easter was right on the tails of St. Patrick's Day this year, and I was bustin out a Star Wars Party in between, but I did it!  I managed to squeeze in an Easter Mantel in the nick of time.  phew!
So I'm sharing it with you at the last holiday minute.

You may notice that the 2013 family motto *ahem* got swapped out for our second-runner.
I had intended to keep that banner up year-long and decorate my mantels around it.
It's still there, it just says something else now, as you'll see in a sec.
Hopefully THIS one will inspire our family to shine our best selves.  
Bickering siblings don't exactly sing like sweet birds *eyeroll*  Don't get me started.

New motto, remade banner, and a whimsical Easter vignette with a vintage touch.
The weathered board backdrop, white icicle string lights, and aqua painted frame are still there.

and it inspired the look and color scheme of my Easter mantel.
The bunnies dangle here and there along our Family Motto Banner, 
along with orange, yellow, and blue glitter eggs from a Dollar Tree decoration pack.

The wooden carrot tree and fuzzy wind-up chick and bunny 
are also from Dollar Tree, last year.  I added vintage doilies that I recently inherited from my Gramma, 
and orange, blue, and yellow plastic eggs.

I found two orange-tinted plastic bunny eggs in my stash for the other side.

I also made a set of five fabric-covered carrots with ribbon greens off the top, 
and nestled these in here and there with the plastic eggs.

And to fill in the space above, I made a yarn wreath (by wrapping an old straw wreath form),
and tied on a set of burlap-looking shoe strings with a bow of cream-colored lace trim.

I had a very satisfying a-ha moment after getting this wreath done - which I shared on Instagram -
Seeing this mantel come together, I realized I had found my style.  Not copied what I thought other bloggers were doing, nor replicated the current fads, but pulled together things *I* loved, in my own way. 
Vintage textures, modern colors, and a lil sense of whimsy thrown's my style! 
I don't know what to call it, but  I can now identify it, and that felt pretty darn good.

There it is.  And I'm lovin' it : )

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