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Friday, May 17, 2013

5 for Friday ~ Outdoor Game Fun

Summa summatime is comin'!  Our weather here has been perfect for spending lots of family time outdoors.  In another month it will be roasting hot in the south!  I've had my eye on several of these ideas for quite awhile and now is the perfect time to share them with all of you...
Outdoor Game Ideas -  that you can do yourself!

1) Giant Deck Gameboard
I remember seeing this last year and it knocked my socks off.  What a FUN idea!!
You must go check it out : )

2) Lawn Twister
Great for a picnic or party, or just anytime!  I like the way she used a box as a template.

3) DIY Outdoor Dominoes
These are so cool!  They look classy stained, but could be fun and casual painted, too.

4) DIY Yard Dice
I loved this pic from pinterest - it screams summer picnic! But I found tutorials at the two blogs linked above - the first one is painted 4x4 blocks, and the second one has recessed dots using a drill bit.  
The tutorial is fab. 

5) Picnic Game Blanket
This picnic game blanket is genius!  It has boards for checkers, bingo and tic tac toe, 
plus velcro pockets on the corners to hold game pieces and extra card games.
The tutorial shows step-by-step how to make it - fabric backed with a vinyl tablecloth.  So smart!

{Bonus} 6. Tiff's Giant Patio Gameboard
One more giant gameboard - Tiffany's spin on the one above, from our Summer Fun Jar archives.

Stick with us for LOTS more summer fun ideas as Tiff kicks off her Summer Fun Jar 2013!
I'm so thrilled to have her here to share all her fab activity ideas with us : )


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