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Friday, August 23, 2013

Fun Jar Friday #56 ~ Pressed Monster Bookmarks

Today on Fun Jar Friday~

One of my favorite illustrators, Brian Froud, created an extremely unique book entitled Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book.  This book tells the story of two little girls who loved catching fairies so much that they started catching them by shutting fairies into the pages of a book, preserving their images.  The illustrations are comical, inappropriate, disgusting, fascinating, and deeply disturbing all at once.  One of those thing you have no idea why you enjoy it, but you keep flipping through the pages over and over again.  And it was this book that opened me up to the fantasy world of Brian Froud, who created the world of the Dark Crystal.  

Now, I have never shown my children the pressed fairy book, although I own not only it, but it's sequel, Lady Cottington's Fairy Album.  The pictures show nude fairies, in less than kid-friendly positions, at times.  But the idea is something I knew a kid would enjoy.

So, in celebration of the beginning of school, and because I got a goodie package from  I decided to make our own pressed monster bookmarks.

What we used
white paper
glow in the dark kids craft paint
cardstock in various colors
glow in the dark beads
laminator and lamination paper
hole punch
flower shaped punch

I was kind of making this up as I went, just to warn you.  

First off, I had the kids paint a "blob" shape on their paper.  Keep it small, it is a bookmark after all.   We used the glow-in-the-dark paint that sent me.  The glow-in-the-dark paint didn't show up as well as expected, so we painted over with a layer of neon paint.  The glow-in-the-dark still showed through which is great!

Then I drew some squiggly lines on it so that it looked like it splatted.  I tried to stay mostly inside the blob shape so it looked like squashed monster guts.

Next I cut out some shapes for the body parts.  I completely freehanded this and just cut random rounded shapes.  It doesn't matter what they look like because they are squashed so the worse they look, the better!  The only part I didn't freehand was the hands.  I used a flower punch and cut off one of the petals.  Have your child glue the parts on.  Remember, the more "incorrect" the placement, the better your monster will look.

Draw lines for the legs and arms.  Then cut out loosely around the monster and his guts.  Laminate your monster (note: I did not laminate mine but fully intend to once I get more lamination paper!)

Finally the tie!  Punch a hole in the top of your monster.  Cut a length of ribbon.  I double knotted one end of the ribbon and used glow in the dark pony beads that were sent to me by  Then I thread the other end through the hole, and glued it to the other side.  I used a small clamp to keep it together while it dried.

And there you go, a monster that you squashed flat in order to keep as your own!  And it glows in the dark for that late night reading!

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Fun Jar Friday #54: Magic Wands

Summer Fun Jar 2.0

Today on Fun Jar Friday~

As my oldest gets older, Harry Potter is getting increasingly popular in my house.  I have been reading him the books and we are up to book 4 now.  Harry is getting more and more exciting and my youngest is following suit.  So I thought I would throw a few Harry Potter activities into the fun jar this year.

We decided to make Harry Potter Wands.

All you need as some wooden dowels (mine measured 3/16in) and some wooden doll heads (or any other shape that can be stacked for a handle.  I used wood glue too but paint is optional.  You'll need a drill and possibly a clamp. 

The whole thing cost me approximately $2.50 for 2 wands.

First step, drill a hole in your wooden doll heads.  I started with a 3/16 in. drill bit but couldn't get the heads to slide on, so I drilled the hole again at 13/64 in.  You will probably need to clamp the head to keep it from spinning when you drill it.  I drilled on doll head only halfway through so it could be the end ball.

Then, simply slide the doll heads on to the end of one dowel.  Because the doll heads are flat on one side, I patterned each wand a little differently since, you know, no two wands are exactly alike.

Add some wood glue to keep the balls in place.

Now you are done!  You can paint it if you want or leave it natural wood.

Now start studying up on your spells!

Now for 4 More!!

1) Juice Balloons

This one turned out to be not only fun and refreshing on a hot day, but hilariously messy as well!  I suggest shirts off or swimsuits!

Fill a water bottle with your juice of choice.  Attach a water balloon hose attachment to the top.  (note: this doesn't fit perfectly and some juice will be lost so try it a couple times to see how much juice will fill one water balloon.)  To fill the balloons, attach a water balloon and squeeze the bottle until the balloon fills.  I highly suggest doing so over the sink!  Tie the balloon up and it's ready.  In order to get the juice flowing, stretch the balloon tie and stick a pin in the balloon near the tie (it won't pop).  Then the juice will squirt out (you may need to fold the tie over at first).  Squirt it into your mouth and enjoy!

2) Make Your Own Chalk

To make your own chalk you will need plaster of paris and tempra paint.  A silicon mold helps too if you want fun shapes and small cups.  Mix together 1 cup plaster with 3/4 cup water.  divide the mixture into small cups if you want multiple colors.  Add tempra paint (a couple squirts) and mix quickly.  Pour in molds or keep in cups.  Let dry 24 hours (in the sun is works best).

3)  Sand and Plaster Molds

This did not work well for us but I've seen them all over pinterest so I know they work.  Check some of these tutorials for people who actually were able to get it done well.

4) Otter Pop Snow cones

This one was a happy accident.  I was going to make snow cones using a syrup made from koolaid, but then when I went into the freezer I noticed that all the ice trays were empty.  So I had to think fast because the kids were excited for snow cones.  I saw the otter pops and had a great idea!  I let the kids both pick out two colors of otter pops and shoved them into my Snoopy Snow Cone Machine.  (You can used a blender or food processor as well)  They turned out to be perfect snow cones!  The ice was soft enough that the kids could make them themselves and it was easy to eat!  And every bit of the snow cone was covered in flavor.  Perfect snow cone!  Although I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to use the snowman syrup squirter...

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Fun Jar #53: PVC Sprinkler Tunnel

Summer Fun Jar 2.0

This week on Fun Jar Friday~

The Fun Jar just wouldn't be without a PVC sprinkler design.  Yep, I've got another one for you!  Last year I brought you the PVC sprinkler house.  This year we have the PVC sprinkler tunnel.  A super easy design that is very versatile.

I'll give you the pieces I used, but you can make it as long or as short as you'd like.

What I used
5 - 10 foot PVC pipes (3/4 in)
24 - 3/4 in PVC elbows
3/4 in PVC end cap
3/4 in PVC hose attachment

All you need to do is cut the pipe into 2 foot sections.   Then drill holes in six of those sections.  Keep the holes small and few.  I did 3 holes on three of the pipes and 2 holes on the other three.  You could probably go up to 3 and four if you wanted to.  Then start assembling.

Start with the end cap and make a three sided square with the elbows and pipe pieces.  the middle piece will have the holes pointed down.  

The next four pieces will go back, up, across the top (piece with holes) and back down.  

Continue in this pattern until you are done ending in the hose attachment.

Attach the hose and turn it on.  Start with only a very small amount of water and then keep gradually increasing the water until it is coming out of all the holes.  If you turn on too much water, your pipes will start coming apart.  Once you've got the water flowing correctly, you can crawl through.  You can bend the tunnel in different ways to make a snake or an arch or even a circle.

Have fun and get wet!

Now for 4 more!!!

1) Tape Ball

I adapted this game from this activity I saw here on Hands on as We Grow.  Simple enough to set up, stretch painter's tape across a space in lines.  Make the middle lines closer together than the top and bottom lines.  With a sharpie write the scores on the tape, making the lines more points than the others.  Wad up newspaper and scrap paper to use as balls and give then a toss.  Have different types or colors of paper for each kid.  When all the balls are tossed, add up the points!

2)  DIY Hula Hoops

Just in case you are wondering, yes, boys can enjoy hula hoops too.  My boys have been playing with their hoops everyday, coming up with all sorts of different ways to use the circle.  And we all like the give it has without warping the hoop, making it easier to hula with and imagine with.

I saw this tutorial on Six Sister's Stuff  But had to do a little extra research on some of the instructions.  

For one hula hoop, you will need
1/2 inch riser flex pipe (10 feet)
PVC cutter (preferred)or hand saw
1/2 inch cuppling
colored electrical tape (optional)

First, cut your hula hoop to size.  The "proper" size for a hoop is about chest high when held stand up.  For 7 year old, I just used the full 10 feet.  And 8 feet for my 4 year old.  Boil some water in a pot and put the end of the pipe in the water for about 15-20 seconds.  Then your cuppling will slide right in and the pipe will shrink back when it cools, keeping the hoop tightly together.  Soak the other end and slide that on the cupling so it makes a hoop.  If you want to fancy up you hoop, use your electrical tape to wrap around it.  For stripes, wrap at an angle with one color and then repeat with the other, overlapping the first color a bit.

3) Butter Beer

My husband says this is more of a fun jar activity for me than the kids, but my oldest likes Harry Potter and we all enjoyed Butter Beer at Islands of Adventure.  I found lots of recipes on pinterest, but this one at Our Best Bites stood out the most for me.  Not to mention the salted butterscotch sauce is really good.  I stuck exactly to the recipe so you will have to pop over but I will tell you that although it was missing the mind numbing brain freeze, it was still really tasty and the butterscotch whipped cream was totally worth it.

4) Choose Your Own Fun Jar Activity

My son had the idea of this one so we tossed it in.  A day where everyone could pick their own activity.  My older son wanted a free day where he didn't have to do his chore list before having screen time.  Done.  And my little guy wanted to walk to a playground and have a picnic.  And DONE!  It was a great day with no obligations.  Worked out perfectly!

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